1. If you wait until things are ‘perfect’ and you think you are ready…you will never start. If you have an idea or a vision and you are trying to wait for the perfect time… you will spend your life waiting – perpetually.
  2. Speaking of VISION – you need one and it needs to be clear to YOU! I am a visionary (and a dreamer some might even say). I have a few ‘visions’ right now of other business ideas and services I’d like to offer and directions I’d like to go to make my business income more passive. I can clearly see why and how and the big question for me is just when (and what flavor Kombucha I need to celebrate.)
  3. I recognize my shortcomings (sometimes reluctantly). I must admit sometimes that I suck at doing certain things. For real! This has been a huge asset – knowing what I am not great at and giving up control and learning how to hire out. Knowing what I am bad at also means I can be aware of and focus on what I do well.
  4. Be Patient with yourself and ask others to be patient with you. You will see many people doing things similar and they may be (or appear to be) making money. Rarely do we jump into our visions making money hand over fist. But be consistent and stick with your vision. Also, you’re gonna get frustrated and your mood will be on the roller coaster ride of your life. Give those people close to you a head’s up. Share with them what you’re going through – that might help you out a little.
  5. Protect what you’re building as you build it. Translation – GET INSURANCE!! And don’t give me the, “Oh, it won’t happen to me!” shit. Insurance is there to protect you if something does happen. A small mistake could cost you thousands depending upon what business field you’re in.  Knock on wood, no issues – but be prepared if they ever do happen!
  6. Trademarks. You want to start a business. You think “Oh, I will just start it.” You then research and find out the URL is available and you roll with it. NEGATIVE! Make sure you are not using a name that causes any market confusion with another brand. Don’t get a nasty letter like the ones I write for my clients threatening you because you’re using a similar name. With a Trademark if anyone attempts to use a name similar to your products we can stop it. THIS IS ESSENTIAL!
  7. Cash Flow/ Projections. I meet so many entrepreneurs who do not know their numbers. I didn’t know my numbers. Breakeven points and projections help you build your business and set goals. It is one of the most daunting tasks and if you are not a numbers person (I went to Law School because I HATE numbers) it can be completely OVERWHELMING. I got help! My girls Nicholle and Sarah at PowHERhouse Money Coaching helped me personally and in my business.  If you don’t know your numbers, you are blindly driving your business.
  8. Make what you have work. You don’t always need a brick and mortar location. If you’ve got a phone and computer, start with that. Keep overhead low so you can grow your business not your debt. Make what you have work until the numbers and business can support the next step!
  9. Focus and stop being like a Squirrel – meaning so easily distracted. Time is limited so make sure you are focusing on efforts that make sense for your life and your skill set and don’t try to do too much. Less is sometimes more! I love the law and speaking about it but I didn’t have the time in my practice to do full blown litigation, so I had to stop offering that as an option for my clients. I refer those cases out!  It is okay to make decisions to say NO to some things. It is actually a necessity that you do.
  10. If you don’t know, figure it out. If you don’t know how to do something figure it out. Don’t get down because you don’t know. I am quick to tell potential clients, “I am not sure. Give me some time to research that for you.” There is nothing wrong with not knowing and that grit you develop from figuring it out is exactly what you need to sustain in business. Do whatever you have to do – Google, get a book, learn from others, follow people who inspire you and freely share information. Just be willing to do the work!

More about Crystal:

Crystal is a legal consultant for purposeful female entrepreneurs and empowers her clients to actually understand the advice she gives them instead of leaving them more confused than when they started. She ensures entrepreneurs have access to common sense documents, including contract templates, that will both protect their business and provide clarity. 

After serving in the administration of the City of Buffalo Mayor for over a decade (and teetering on the edge of burning out), Crystal left her career in public service behind to pursue the glittery badassery that’s all her own – well kinda…she currently serves as the Chief of Staff for the President at a local college (a job that brings a new set of less stressful challenges).

She has helped many female entrepreneurs protect their assets and create the business structure they need to succeed. Crystal is an effective, compassionate speaker and advocate for the proverbial underdog, those underrepresented and (wrongly) considered unlikely success stories in the area of business. She empowers entrepreneurs through her legal expertise, and they appreciate her blunt, no-nonsense, get-shit-done approach that is wrapped in love and support. Kombucha, Journals & Reeses Pieces are her ‘Love Languages’ and she is committed arming entrepreneurs with the legal knowledge they need in order to build their companies like a real boss!

Crystal is also the creator of “Business in a (IN)Box” the premier course for the DIY Entrepreneur who wants to get business done legal…and right.  Female Entrepreneurs can’t fully embrace their role as CEO without understanding what that role entails and the necessity to be intentional about running a business legitimately.  In this informational course, she covers the legal ‘stuff’ entrepreneurs need to be aware of, as well as the practical details they need to cover to maximize their business from Copyrights, Structure and Contract templates.

For more information about Crystal and her products, including one-on-one coaching, visit www.CrystalRodriguezEsq.com, or @CrystalClearEsq on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook.

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