Crystal J. Rodriguez, Esq.

I’ve noticed a lot of women enthusiastically chasing things that resemble signs of success, often deciding to do this over chasing success itself. It’s perplexing…

They will borrow, not pay a bill or use tax money to put a down payment on financing a new luxury car, they will spend thousands on designer purses, and even spend money they don’t really have to go vacation to exotic regions of the world.

It LOOKS great!

Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying – there is nothing wrong with any of these things successful people are able to purchase. The question is, are we trying to look the part instead of working toward being the success we wish people to think we are. Do those things bring us true happiness and fulfillment or are we just concerned that we are seen to be happy and fulfilled?

I’ve learned from people close to me and from my own experiences, that appearances can be deceiving. I’ve known people to have money, cars, nice clothes and be utterly miserable. I mean literally, all they do is spend entire days talking negatively about people.

You can ‘look’ like you have money but be broke as well as broken.

You can ‘look’ like you enjoy luxury on a regular basis, and totally lack any meaningful passion in your life – personal and professional.

You can constantly seek material things and totally forget to build one of the most important assets you have – YOU! Not the appearance of you, but the authentic you.

Is there abundance on the inside? Are you at a place in your life (or well on your way) where you feel truly happy, successful, and worthy?

Chase happiness before chasing things. Chase accomplishments before chasing appearances. Chase fulfillment because without it, you’ve really got nothing except ‘things’.


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