Crystal J. Rodriguez, Esq.

After my divorce some years ago, I decided that I wanted to live a full life. More recently, I’ve further developed that decision to include a full QUALITY life.

When I am old I want to share adventures, not turn bitter from regret.

I look at my grandmother at times and I wonder, “what would she have done if she didn’t have to sacrifice so much as an uneducated, single mother taking care of my mom and uncles.”

I want to be her age (she’s 92), driving my children crazy because I am telling my grandchildren such wonderful, vivid stories of my life and experiences. Falling in love, experiencing heartbreak, travel, risks, mistakes…

I want to collect memories to share, not regrets to eat away at me slowly.

Great memories don’t have to always involve jet setting and bungee cords. Do spontaneous things! Run outside in the pouring rain and kiss your husband, boyfriend or the fiiiinnee guy in the apartment next door you’ve been looking at for months now.

Play hooky from your job and surprise the kids with a trip to the beach all day where you can lay around tanning and watching them play. Go outside and gaze at the full moon with a new flavored cigar thinking about……shit, whatever you want!

Every moment in life is precious. Don’t be afraid to live and to live loudly. I’m not at all saying be a bum and forget about responsibilities.

I just am saying that next time your husband or boo calls you and says let’s play hooky and drive over the border to have some fun, don’t say “I don’t know.”

Say, “Hell Yea! I’ll be ready to go in 10 minutes.”

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