Rigidity causes people to do the same thing over & over. It’s basically human nature – we stick with what works. Rigidity may work for a certain amount of time but eventually, rigid thinking, in many respects, can block your success.

Developing capacity to diversify responses to problems is difficult. We often fear trying something new. Change is difficult for many of us, but it can also be exciting and extremely rewarding!

So, what causes rigid thinking?

Fear can lead to rigid thinking and subsequently block success. Fear comes in all shapes and sizes…fear of rejection, fear of failure, and fear of getting it wrong. This can cause us to quit. Even though it’s a part of success, no one wants to fail or be rejected. However, if you shift your mind-set and accept that these things can help you grow and learn. Eventually, you’ll be better able to handle fear when it bubbles up to the surface.

Some of the most successful leaders will tell you that they loathe rigid thinking and because they embrace diversity of thought they are able to succeed. More ideas can mean more opportunity, and more opportunity can mean more money, more time, more freedom, more of what you want in life!

It is completely possible to break your mental patterns and fight against habitual tendencies. First, one must react to the present moment based upon present circumstances, not just based upon habit of thought.

Secondly, sacrificing constant emotional comfort is required. Being in business is tough. It can be uncomfortable, at first. Being in business is also risky. It’s not always easy but if you accept the discomfort and its temporary nature, you’ll be better for having made it through.

Another thing that helps adjust rigid thinking is mindfulness. Mindfulness is as important as knowledge and skill. Each problem, each project requires its own set of solutions and approaches. Trust your intuition. Traditions & misconceptions can be harmful and strategy has no one magic formula. New and unused tactics need to be considered in business in order to grow, expand and succeed.  Think outside the box!


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