It is no secret, that in order for women business owners to be successful they must develop a distinctive set of behaviors that set them up for growth. Stand out women who have turned their passions and desires into purpose, share a set of characteristics that allow them to rise to the top, be impactful and blaze business trails.

Below are some of those characteristics. Although this is not a complete list, these are some of the qualities most of the successful women I know have:

  1. Persistence through tough times – “Nevertheless, she persisted.” You can’t be in business and have a breakdown every time something goes wrong. You have to have broad shoulders and the persistence to stick it out and get through the storm.
  2. Courage to tackle challenges – Challenges are inevitable. If you accept that from the beginning, you’ll be the better for it because that will help you build the courage. You know it’s coming so you’re already prepared to face it.
  3. Balance – work, home, play. Work-life balance may be elusive for many of us, but it IS possible. Through trial and error, you have to identify the strategies that make it work for you. There is no one-size-fits-all approach. Organize and find a way to create this balance so you can actually enjoy your family and your life. Life is not about working all the time. It’s about renewal, recreation and enjoyment too.
  4. Organization – Organization is one of the foundations of success. For the successful businesswoman, organization of the mind and work space is vital. Get those things in order and you’ll see how much easier the remaining items fall into place.
  5. Positive Outlook – Yes, you can actually manifest your outcomes. If you’re negative all the time, negativity is exactly what you’ll attract. Imagine the level of success you want to achieve. Along with a strategic plan, your mindset (in terms of realizing that vision) is key. Most successful women (if not all) will not tell you that they made it to where they are thinking they never would be there. They envisioned it. It may not have been the exact outcome but they kept a positive perspective and always believed in their ability to succeed.
  6. Patience – Success does not come overnight – for most of us; and for those that it does come over night, it hardly ever lasts. Success takes time. It takes practice. It takes failure and it takes patience.
  7. Delegation skills – I wrote about this in one of my other blogs. Stop trying to be Super Woman and do everything – it’s virtually impossible. Now, I know there will be some smart ass that says, “It’s not hard. I do it all the time.” Good for you, Honey. You are the exception to the rule! And honestly, let me be a friend and tell you – you might not be as effective as you think you are. Most of us cannot do everything and we waste too much time trying. So we have no choice but to delegate! Delegate to your partner, your kids, someone you hire….just delegate!
  8. Time Management – Time is valuable, how will you use it to make the most of everything you’re trying to achieve? There are 168 hours in a week. It may not feel like it, but there are. Manage that time as if it were money…because for the female business owner – it is!!!
  9. Willingness to redefine success – Success is not always about money. It can be about different things at different times for different people. And, it can different for even one person at various stages in their life. Only you can define what success means for you.
  10. Calculating – Being calculating is not always a bad thing. It can come in handy when making business decisions and moves. I don’t know many, if any, impetuous andsuccessful business women. There are those that have made impetuous decisions, but I am willing to bet next month’s pay that they used that time as a teachable moment to spring board into better judgement. Calculate and strategize.


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